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Volvo pre purchase  inspection.

Are you in the market for a used Volvo ? As you may have realised, it is not easy to find a good used car. Most of the sellers, dealers or private owners, will tell you that the vehicle has been serviced regularly and well taken care of. In many occasions they will provide you the service records and other similar paperwork. The maintenance history is a "plus" but is not the only factor that you should look for. What matters is the real condition of the vehicle. There are so many things that must be carefully inspected before reaching a conclusion about the actual status of the car. Many times, discovering hidden problems are challenging tasks even for professionals. Besides that, modern Volvos are equipped with sophisticated and expensive systems that will cost you a lot if you make a wrong purchase.

We, at V-Garage, have many years  of experience servicing and selling used Volvos. Our experience and expertise will help you escape troubles and unnecessary expenses. Contact us to book a pre-purchase inspection. We will check the car from inside out and provide you a professional inspection report.    

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