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How much will a brake job cost for my Volvo ? This is a very broad question and to answer it, is not simple. Here is an example. A Volvo XC90, 2006 model year owner was complaining that he needed to apply a considerable amount of pressure on the brake pedal in order to stop the car. A close inspection revealed that all rotors and pads had been replaced but not the brake fluid.

When asked, the customer said that three weeks earlier, he had paid $500 to have the work done. Well, for this amount of money the only result he could reasonably expect was to slow down the car but not to stop it safely. The car required a complete brake system service and the owner had to pay once more ... The brake rotors and pads were replaced with OE parts. This time the brake fluid was replaced as well.

Of course, the Volvo genuine brake pad set costs more than "no name" aftermarket parts but will stop the car as a Volvo should stop and not squeak ! Same goes for rotors; one will cost $75(each) the other one will cost $125 but will not warp and shake the whole front-end when brakes are applied.

Now let's consider the labour. A brake job involves more than removing and reinstalling parts. In order to follow the service procedure step by step, the technician needs to spend time and have professional knowledge.

The automotive after market industry offers a wide range of materials, parts and services. You can and will find many low cost "drive in" service shops but in the meantime, you can find very good parts and professional service too. The cost of materials used and the quality of service offered will make your bill look different and of course, the braking performance of your car. This is true for any kind of service or repair that your Volvo needs.

V-Garage is a quality oriented service workshop. Regardless of the nature of the service or repair required, we will always use genuine factory Volvo or the best after market parts and all the jobs will be carried out to the Volvo Service Manual specifications. Should you have any question or concern about your Volvo do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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