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Volvo oil & filter change service

It is important to choose a good service workshop for your Volvo. With things as simple as an oil change, your car needs the proper and professional care. An oil change involves more than an oil draining and filter replacement. The eye of an experienced technician can catch and read a very small sign of a potential problems that a non qualified person's eye can't even see. Years of experience will make a big difference in preventing high cost and unnecessary repair. One would say oil and filter change is part of regular maintenance and can be quickly done at any oil change centre. This is true, but oil changers’ limited knowledge could easily miss an issue with your car, for example, a problem with suspension.

First, most "drive in" oil & lube service centres do not lift up the car when changing the engine oil, so no proper check-up can be done. Second, they do not service suspension, brakes, engine ...etc. Staying on the topic of oil change, fast oil and lube centres have the right oil for your Volvo but what about the filter? Usually lube & oil places use their own brand aftermarket filters. Filters play a decisive role in the engine lubrication system. An oil change is worthless without the right filter. Have a look at the photo showing a view of two different filters that have been cut open.

A Volvo filter is a specific high quality product that will remove the impurities from the oil and does a better job at protecting the engine than most aftermarket filters. It will cost $5.00 to $8.00 to upgrade from an "economical" to OE filter. The right oil and filter quality will keep your Volvo engine in good running condition for hundreds of thousands of kilometres.

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