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During the many years of servicing Volvo automobiles, we've tried to find good replacement brake disks and pads. Sourcing good quality brake disks from the aftermarket suppliers was easier than finding a good alternative for the OE brake pads. We tried, more or less, every product that claimed to offer the same quality as the Volvo pads. The results were disappointing. Based on our experience and the costumer feedback we decided to use only the genuine brake pads. We believe that the Volvo braking system is one of the best out there and using low quality brake materials does not make sense. After all, people buy and drive a Volvo for its known safety records and this is where the braking performance plays a big role.

The picture in the background shows a combination of "premium quality disc and ceramic brake pads". It is not hard to notice the burned friction material spots on the surface of the disc. The costumer had complained that the braking performance of the vehicle was very low and this came as no surprise. In fact, it had been so since the first day that he had purchased the car (used vehicle).

For more info about brake service & repair click HERE.


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