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Volvo transmission fluid flush

The replacement of the transmission fluid is a procedure that requires attention. The most important step is the use of the approved Volvo genuine fluid. We have seen quite a few transmissions damaged as the result of the wrong fluid used. Another issue is the wrong procedure being followed. It is a common thing that people pay for a "transmission fluid change" having the impression that they have gotten the right service. Many shops sell a "drain and refill" service as a complete transmission fluid flush. This is an unprofessional service that may create problems rather than preventing them. On the other end, this is a waste of money.

Modern Volvo transmissions are sophisticated devices. To service them, knowledge and specific tools/procedures  are needed. We strictly follow the manufacturer requirements and of course, we use only the Volvo genuine automatic transmission fluid. Should you have any question or concern about your transmission performance, feel free to contact us.    

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