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A Volvo was towed to our shop. The owner called earlier and said that the car "died" on the highway but luckily he was able to pull over on the shoulder of the road. A quick inspection showed that the car was not well maintained. Extensive oil presence was noted on the engine compartment. The top cover was removed and here you go. See the picture in the background. No need for further explanations.  

The owner of the vehicle insisted that he takes care of his vehicle and he has a mechanic in his neighbourhood that services the car regularly. Well, maybe he was right, maybe not. All signs were showing a poor maintenance, cheap parts and lack of professional service. He was really lucky that the car was not hit from other vehicles travelling with high speed resulting in devastating consequences for him and other fellow citizens. The car was repaired and released, never to bee seen again.

Irresponsible car ownership, combined with unprofessional service may result in disaster ...  We, at V-Garage, try to educate our costumers about the importance of the regular maintenance and the benefits of the professional service we offer.

Bad maintenance and unprofessional service, a risky combination.

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