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Modern Volvo engines are equipped with Dual Overhead Camshafts. The replacement of timing belts, tensioner pulleys, idler pulleys, water pumps etc, are processes that almost every Volvo engine will pass through at a certain point. It is very important to preserve the engine timing when performing a job that involves the timing belt removal.

Failure to maintain the specific position between camshafts and crankshaft may result in serious engine damage. To eliminate any possible mistakes and to have peace of mind, it is a good idea to lock the camshaft sprockets in place during belt replacement. For this purpose we offer a versatile tool that easily locks and holds both camshaft sprockets firmly in place.

This unique tool is designed and manufactured in Canada from high quality materials. Volvo Camshaft Locking Tool is a good and wise investment for professionals or DIY enthusiasts.

Photos below show different Volvo engines with camshafts locked using this tool.

Volvo models / engine applications: 850, 960, S/V/C70, S/V90, C30, S40, V50, S60, C70 II, S80 (5 Cyl Engine), V70N, XC70 II, XC90 (5 Cyl Engine).


Price: 49.00 USD

Shipping 15.00 USD anywhere in the US/Canada

Total: 64.00 USD

Note: International buyers, please, contact us for the shipping cost before proceeding with the payment. Failure to do so may result in financial loss.


How to buy this tool ?

- Buyers from Canada & USA pay by clicking on the "Buy now" button below the video clip on the right. Use Pay Pal account, VISA or MC.

- Visit our shop and buy it in person

Delivery time for online purchases: 7 - 10 business days.

No return, no refund policy for this product.

Maintaining the timing marks is a vital step. Failing to do so may result in devastating results ...

A Volvo owner was complaining that time aftertime the "Check Engine" was coming "On" and "Off" and the engine performance was not good. The diagnostic codes retrieved from the ECU showed a random and multiple cylinder misfire. The ignition and the fuel delivery system were tested. No problems found. Further checks discovered a problem with the engine timing. The timing belt was not installed properly. Luckily the engine in this case was not damaged.

Please see the short video on the right.

The timing belt was removed and reinstalled as it was supposed to. The problem was solved !  

Being a professional technician or DIY enthusiast, we suggest you buy and use our unique tool that will help you to lock-up the camshafts and avoiding costly damages that may occur as a result of the timing belt misalignment.

Changing the timing belt on several Volvo engines is a straight forward procedure. See below.
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